How To Write a Marketing E-Mail?

Undoubtedly email marketing has become one of the most critical tools to have in any marketer’s toolkit. It is a fruitful means of generating leads, nurture clients and encourage purchasing intent.

Although, email marketing must be conducted in a meticulous manner as receiving bulky content in people’s inboxes on a daily basis can be perceived as spam or driving force to unsubsribe from a certain website.

Though writing a mail seems like a task rather easy, there is a certain procedure to write one that gives rise to CTA and conversions.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to create an email with better prospects and better client retention.

#1 Correct segmentation

You must first and foremost be aware of who you are communicating with in emails. To do that, you must create a buyer persona that provides a profile of your ideal customer or customers.

This will serve as the basis for all of your communication, whether by email and other content. With this level of specificity about your customers, you can create emails that are timely and interesting for the recipient, boosting the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

When you are aware of who your personas are, you can develop message that addresses their problems. Consider the scenario where you work for a recruitment firm and your persona is a recent college graduate with no prior work experience. A CV and resume clinic or a meeting with one of your experts would both contain useful information for them.

Additionally, segmenting your lists is necessary if you want to target the proper audience with the right message.

A master list can be used to send out general communications like promotions or limited-time offers. To target diverse audiences, you must segment lists because personalisation is essential in email. Examples include “blog leads,” “lapsed subscribers,” and “prospects that purchased X.”

#2 Powerful subject line

As the subject box is the most primary thing that catches the eye, you ought to fabricate it a tad with emojis and add the word “NEW” so that it would draw your target audience’s attention to open it.

Tips for creating the perfect subject line:

1/ Keep it brief and to the point

Many consumers open emails on their mobile devices, and content is chopped off after a certain amount of space.

2/ Personalize

You may do this by putting the person’s initial name or the name of a course or product they expressed interest in.

3/ Emojis

Emojis are entertaining and can draw in a crowd. However, exercise caution in how and with what you use. Make sure they are appropriate for the audience and subject.

4/ Action verbs

Usage of action verbs draw in more attention than passive speech.

5/ Integrate FOMO

Trigger the user’s mind with a subject line that trickles their fear of missing out on things! This also allows increment in open rates.

#3 Personalization of the message

With the usage of this segmentation you can categorize your mail list by tailoring each mail befitting each and every subscriber’s specific desires and needs.

In such way your consumers would feel more special and realize the manner in which you have adopted into their selection of goods and services.

Instead of “Dear Sir” jump right into “Dear <name>” and personalize your mails with accord to their names and past purchases they have made.

This strategy also paves way for healthy and long lasting rapports with your prospects and customers.

#4 Emphasis on the pros

With analysing on the pros of writing a marketing mail, comes many facts that go into writing one.

If you are able to analytically observe the benefits of writing marketing mails you are also able to notice crucial facts as the audience your targeting for and more.

Few pointers to take notice of when writing a marketing mail are as follows:

  • Relatable language- Always try to use a simple and precise diction if you are hoping to connect with customers all over the globe.
  • Induce value- Without prioritizing selling, you can share valuable information about your sector with the use of sign up webinars or e-books.
  • Credibility- To gain customer trust you can use customer testimonials and reviews in your content.
  • Clear CTA- Be sure to include a CTA in every “Find out more”, “Read more” and “Learn How to Ask”.

#5 Continually uphold consistency in your interactions with customers.

To ensure a prompt response, include a working email address that staff members check, and advertise your social media accounts in the header or footer. Include WhatsApp as a communication option if you utilize it for customer support.

Happy marketing!

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