How to improve your TikTok SEO?

Today’s tech-savvy generation seems to be leaning more into the digital representation of user-generated content in the form of reviews, recommendations, and tips from everyday consumers than reading about it.

By running TikTok advertisements, enhancing video production, utilizing a TikTok management tool, and engaging with UGC artists, marketers intend to grow their investments in the app.

By improving your TikTok SEO abilities, you can make your content more algorithm- and search-friendly.

The know how’s

It’s time to reconsider your SEO approach and integrate it with social media platforms as customer behavior shifts and social networks are increasingly used as search engines.

Your app visibility can soar if you know how to employ TikTok SEO methods to your advantage.

We’re describing how to use an SEO strategy in your TikTok strategy to increase your following and create a vibrant TikTok community, from keywords to UGC contributors.

TikTok keyword research

TikTok seeks to link search terms with the most relevant information.

So, for instance, if you search for “best brownies” on TikTok, the top-ranking videos have the keyword text “best brownies” overlaid to the screen, demonstrating the algorithmic strength of in-video text.

How to find relevant keywords for TikTok?

  • Categorize content.

TikTok wants to link search terms to content that most closely matches those terms.

Thus, the videos that come up first in a TikTok search for “best sunglasses” have the keyword text “best sunglasses” added to the screen, demonstrating the algorithm’s effectiveness in using in-video text.

With the use of TikTok’s Trend Discovery Tool, marketers can find out what’s popular by area, hashtag, creator, audio, and other factors.

This can assist with keyword research by allowing users to instantly discover which videos are trending on TikTok and what keywords are being utilized in them.

  • Inspos from other creators’ content

Enter a keyword into the search box that is associated with your material. Keep an eye out for the first few videos to see if they have the term in the in-video text. Is that phrase present in the caption?

Discover what additional TikTok hashtags have been added to the video description, or check out the comments to see what questions people are posing. Either way, you’ll find relevant keywords that you may employ.

Utilize the creators of user-generated content.

Because they discover products through material in the form of reviews, suggestions, and guidance, Gen-Z consumers are astute consumers who essentially combine the awareness and consideration phases of the sales funnel.

Influencer marketing on Tiktok is not a particularly novel tactic, but working with a UGC creator is.

The hashtag #ugccreator on TikTok has 147.1M views and is still growing, which shows how quickly this new tactic is gaining popularity.

It’s easy for brands to find creators in their niche or accounts that may have already featured your product or service (or your competitors) in a video for a collaboration on TikTok.

If you’ve never worked with creators before, team up with an influential marketing company to guide you through the process.


Thoughts on whether “hashtags are dead” are hotly contested, TikTok uses hashtags to organize content on the platform.

Of course, sprinkling in a ton of random hashtags won’t increase engagement and may come out as spammy.

However, including relevant TikTok hashtags (think of them as keywords) that describe the subjects covered in your movie can aid the algorithm in comprehending its content.

With the aid of a social media hashtag tool, you can group your hashtags into categories and receive hashtag suggestions based on popular search terms for a smooth workflow.

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