Best Tools for Social Media Management

In this digital-first world, social media management is a crucial strategy to have in your pocket that accelerates CRM. Social media management paves way for easier access to CTA.

Here are a few and one of the top tier social media management tools to keep your head in the marketing game.

HubSpot keeps an eye on all of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile interactions, conversations, and audiences. Utilizing information from your marketing software as well as context from the contact database in your CRM, it enables you to successfully target particular audiences with customised content. This means that you can manage your complete social media strategy with HubSpot from a single, centralized area, including planning, sharing, and analysis.

Additionally, you can schedule posts weeks in advance using HubSpot’s social media management tools and track trending keywords that are pertinent to your audience and business.

One of the various tools for managing social media that helps with social listening, publishing, interaction, and analysis is SproutSocial. The program automates the procedures of writing and sending personalized messages to leads, customers, and followers as well as posting pertinent material on social media platforms; all of this help frees up crucial time for social media managers.

To help you provide support to customers on social media when they want and need it, customer service options are available. With the help of Sprout Social, you may have a better understanding of your target audience, what they want from you on social media, and how to enhance your present strategy.

By assisting you in maximizing reach, impact, and audience engagement, is a social media marketing platform with a social media management solution that saves you time.

The software features social listening capabilities that can be used to help you find your target market and potential customers, comprehend what is being said about your brand on social media, find possibilities for involvement, and quickly address any client feedback or issues.

A content calendar is also available, which makes cross-platform social media planning simple and quick. Additionally, all client messages and concerns can be viewed and answered on a single dashboard, ensuring that no issues go unaddressed.

A social media content collaboration tool called Planable enables teams to produce, schedule, and approve material more quickly and in real-time.

Planable’s focus on cooperation sets it apart from other social media management platforms. Together, you can produce compelling visual material all at once, tag individuals in comments so they can provide feedback, and decide who to notify when anything happens. Because of this, receiving feedback, revising, and working together are all incredibly easy and convenient.

With Planable, you can create your own collaboration process regardless of the size of your team by choosing from 4 different approval levels: none, voluntary, obligatory, or multi-level. By doing this, you can keep your team and clients on the same page and stop half-finished content from going online.

For Free

A tool for managing and marketing on social media is called Hootsuite. You can control every part of your social media strategy using the dashboard it features. Hootsuite offers a free plan that is suitable for small businesses even if there are subscription plans with additional features. You can schedule up to 30 social media posts in advance with the free plan.

With Hootsuite’s free plan, you can also manage three different social media accounts from your dashboard. Finally, since only one person has access to the account, this option is appropriate for small businesses.

TweetDeck is a strong social media management tool even if it is only available to Twitter users. With the help of a single dashboard, you may manage several Twitter accounts for free.

Set alerts for your most significant Tweets and Twitter activity, monitor your competitors, schedule Tweets in advance, and easily manage your lists. Through your dashboard, you can also personalize your timelines, view real-time conversations and Tweets, and respond to them.

Once your free trial of the software has expired, you can switch to Buffer’s free plan. Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer’s free plan is effective if your company has a modest social media presence. Three social media outlets can be managed with this plan. Only one user has access to your Buffer dashboard, and you can schedule a total of 10 articles for the future.

You may create, organize, and publish content with the social media tool SocialBee on all of the main social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, and TikTok.

The best users of SocialBee include solopreneurs, startups, small enterprises, as well as independent contractors and advertising agencies.

You can use this app to track the performance of your accounts using reporting and analytics, recycle evergreen content, expire time-sensitive posts, curate content using RSS feeds, design posts using the Canva integration in the post editor, see a real-time preview of your upcoming posts, use URL shorteners to track your links, and do all of this while having access to multiple workspaces and team collaboration features.

You may use this tool to schedule content, communicate with followers, and obtain reports on the effectiveness of your strategy and the return on your involvement. Additionally, there is a single inbox where you can view, discuss, and reply to consumer feedback.

Sending consumer enquiries to multiple team members and working on content together are both made simple by real-time collaboration. Use the flexible scheduling options to bulk schedule posts or to schedule posts one at a time.

Additionally, this tool’s built-in Agorapulse CRM keeps track of your followers and their interactions with your business so you may learn from them now and use them as references in the future.

ContentCal is a social media management tool meant for planning and publishing content. There’s an easy-to-use visual calendar you can pair with approval flows to ensure specific posts are shared at the right time.

Pull in content from other tools — such as Facebook, Slack, Google Drive, or Dropbox — to share on social. You can also collaborate with team members and ask for their feedback easily using the tool’s comments feature.

For Agencies

An agency-specific social media management tool is called Sendible. You and your team can examine and discuss all social posts that are created, planned, and posted using the tool’s dynamic and configurable content calendar.

Utilize the content suggestion option to get fresh concepts for material that will appeal to the audience of your customer. Additionally, you may view all client communications in a single view inbox, and you can filter and prioritize chats using the priority filter option.

Set up user hierarchies and procedures to assign access for specific team members so that they must approve client content before it is published.

  • Nuvi

A platform for managing social media, marketing, and customer experience (CX), is called Nuvi. It has management tools for social listening, planning, publishing, engaging, reporting, and more.

All of them have the aim of giving your consumers and clients a wonderful experience. Add permissions to your workflows to enable collaboration among team members and to guarantee that every information is vetted by the appropriate individuals before going public.

Your material should be created, planned, and scheduled to go live at the appropriate time. Next, evaluate results and keep an eye on your rivals to learn which social media tactics are most effective for them.

The social media interaction functionality will make it simple to manage, prioritize, and share such engagements internally with the appropriate team members. Additionally, you won’t miss a beat across any of your accounts thanks to social listening features.

A social media management tool for businesses is called HeyOrca! To provide a seamless and satisfying customer experience, the platform enables you to manage all of your social media clients and content in one place.

You may quickly communicate your plans for scheduled content with team members and/or clients using the content calendar. To stay organized, make separate content calendars for each of your clients, each with its own team members and social media presence.

Make mockups of all the content you intend to share on social media so that your team and clients can give their approval before it is shared.

Using HeyOrca!, you can also quickly share your material with clients to gain their comments (and you can choose which versions of that content you want your clients to be able to see or not see).

Finally, provide them with simple-to-understand reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of the material you are producing for their social media sites.

You can achieve (and even go beyond) your social media goals with the assistance of the management tools we reviewed above. Make a list of the features and capabilities you require in a tool to help you decide which option will best assist you in achieving your objectives.

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